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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Birdcage and a lot of Brocolli Baby

It's Friday nite and Im just chillin, honestly I look forward to going to bed and waking up refreshed so sometimes going out is just not that appealing to me anymore...I'm cool with my "matureness":)

I think there was a reason I stayed in, one of my all time fave movies is on, The Birdcage! I love this flick, seriously Hank Azaria is a genius in it. Makes me want to move down to Miami. I'm all about vibrant personalities. So this movie reminds me underneath all of the humor that we really need to embrace who we really are and step outside of the shadows of what we think others want us to be and simply be true to ourselves. How much time do we spend a day worrying about what others perceptions of us are and how we look? Probably too much...One of my biggest achievements over the past few years has been really loving and accepting myself as I am, this doesnt mean I dont want to improve myself or grow it simply just means that I am content with who I am, but believe me, I def have my days:) But that is what life is all about right?

And it turns out I didn't eat any vege's today so I made up for it tonite with a ton of broccoli! Daaaang...Ive been on a broccoli kick for a few weeks now, that's kinda how I roll, I'll eat something for a few weeks then get totally sick of it and switch it up.

SO here is my din din from tonite, some broccoli, chicken, peppers, and the magic ingredient...PEANUT BUTTER! Ya ya ya, I know what you're thinking, gross! No, it's so heavenly! PB is another thing Ive been addicted to lately also, usually Im all about my Vitamin Cottage almond buttah, but PB has won my heart over.

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