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Friday, March 26, 2010



I fell in love with Jamie Oliver's show tonight, FOOD REVOLUTION! I have no idea if it is new or what, but I loved it. Keep in mind, Im not really your average T.V. watcher and there is rarely anything on that truly captures my attn long enough, but I really did enjoy his show and his lively spirit! At any rate, I was so thrilled that someone like him who is in a position of capturing the attention of the public was doing something like this. I really love him as a person too! Besides being an absolute hoot, he just seems like a very caring, compassionate, and honest man. Those are definitely 3 of the most enduring traits one can possess in my humble opinion. I just saw a huge heart in him...
I definitely have my own thoughts and opinions regarding the obesity epidemic in this country and undoubtedly the child population as well. A while back in my nutrition undergrad years I was taking all sorts of classes as part of the program one of which included childhood nutrition and community nutrition. I remember being so alarmed at the way kids ate at school and in their homes. I was very lucky to grow up with a mom who was very healthy and really instilled wholesome food choices in me and my sisters, we never even had sugar in the house, ever! Most of my friends thought I was weird for the way I ate and no one ever wanted to go trick or treating at my house because my mom was the lady who gave out toothbrushes and carrots! Ha....
Seriously, we are the ones to teach children how to nurture themselves and eat healthy food...what has happened? It just makes me really upset at times. These habits that we pass along can set them up for a life full of disease and un-fulfillment. I'm not saying that overweight people are doomed or always unhappy but who is truly living a happy, joyous and free life when they are insulin resistant, at risk for having a stroke, dependent on numerous medications and can't run around with their friends? I know I am not a parent and perhaps one day I will be, til then I will just teach by example. It is really almost like the blind leading the blind, many parents don't even know what to eat themselves, how are they supposed to teach their children healthy habits? Obviously this is a multi-faceted issue, but I am convinced the ignorance must stop. People are dying as a result of these choices, it doesnt have to be this way...
Im off my soapbox for now, but let's try to be a little more conscious about the patterns, habits and cycles we pass along to the children who look to us as teachers.

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