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Sunday, March 7, 2010


A delish snack today on the sunny porch at Whole Foods Market (WFM)- Chobani Greek yogurt, a lil cup of berries, and a Kombucha.

A little cracker my friend Amy made using a dehydrator! Wow, I thought I was motivated! She made it with kale, almonds, sunflower seeds, and spices. Pretty darn good actually!

I ate lunch at Tokyo Joe's today, this is their miso soup which is fabulous, I also had some chicken with broccoli and spinach, which wasn't photo worthy:(

I enjoyed this apple after my workout yesterday with a protein shake. I also have pictured here some great products for really dry hands. Colorado is super dry and can wreck havoc on your hands in the winter, I know it does to mine. I have pretty much every hand salve you can imagine thanks in part to my Momma who stuffs my stocking full of em every x-mas. Ha..

This was yesterday's lunch: chicken, some Greek yogurt, red pepper, a lil black beans, grilled zucchini, celery, romaine, and some sea salt and pepper!

This is simply tilapia, tunips, and a lil slice of avocado. YUMM!

Have an extra can of pumpkin laying around??? Well mix it with an egg, some whites, 2tbsp coconut flour, stevia, cinammon, and a pinch of baking powder. I mixed mine in the blender. Pour in a dish, bake around 325degrees for about 20min, but just check on it, every oven is different. I can eat this hot or cold and it tastes great plain as well, however, if you are feeling extra crazy you can whip up some frosting with a lil cream cheese and stevia! I used whipped cream cheese, much easier!

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