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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Past, Present and Future...

These Goddess cards are so awesome! As you can see, Im really into cards and stuff of this nature. It's just a way for me to dig deeper into myself and the world around me, it is in no way a basis for my well-being or a tool to which I depend on, it's just simply something fun that I take little bits from and leave the rest.
So today I did another 3-card pull
1st card- Past Life
2nd card- Endings and Beginnings
3rd card- Blossoming
I have pulled the endings and beginnings card a few times in the past. This pull is so accurate for me at this moment though.
I think as human beings we are always making peace with something from the past or letting something go, I know I am. Sometimes I find that as I progress on my path more is revealed maybe in regards to past experiences so it is at this moment that I am able to see something that maybe once was not apparent or maybe I just didnt see it at all? It is alright to visit the past and heal certain situations and learn from them but I dont find solace in living in the past. If I am living in the past there is no way I can be present right now...
As far as endings and new beginnings go, yes I thin this is always going on, whether we allow it or fight against it is another topic. Im a big believer that although something may seem to "end" it always gives rise to something new, a door opens, a flower grows, a baby is born.... appropriate for the 1st day of Spring. I do indeed feel as though I have shed some layers recently and thus have been blossoming. I feel like for most of my life I have always followed the beat of my own drum. When i have an idea I usually try to create it or pursue it. Sometimes I tend to even just jump into the deep end of the pool before getting my feet wet. I get so excited to do something I feel as though I have to do it right there and then. Well, through a lot of trial and error, Ive learned that going with the flow is a much better route. I'm approaching the end of my schooling and while this is an awesome time, Im feeling like I need to know exactly what I will be doing when Im finally done. Well, this sets me up for a lot of anxiety really. I realize it's better to just stay open and let life lead me to where I need to go. Sure, I definitely have places I want to go, certain clinic situations that would be ideal, the types of people I would like to be surrounded by, etc. but for me to try and figure all of it out is just a waste of my energy. It takes me out the present moment and disables me from really enjoying where I am at in my journey right now. SO I guess for now, Im going to just keep it chill and relax and take it easy. More importantly I truly believe that it is all going to work out beautifully and really it is all in perfectly working order. DO you ever stop and think, maybe it is all perfect the way it is?

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