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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Perfection Comes in ALL Forms...

Life Moves Pretty Fast...If You Don't Stop and Look Around Once in a While, It will Pass You By!

Holy smokes! I cannot believe it's already April! Well, almost...The past few months have just flown by. I was thinking today that I will be in my thirties before you know it! I feel like doing something crazy to say ta-ta to my going on an exotic trip or something, we'll see.
ANyways, I have been super busy lately. I've been babysitting Ella the dog and staying at their fabulous house for the past few days, sleeping like a baby I might add:), I did a demo yesterday at a Whole Foods and met probably one of the coolest chicks ever! You know when you meet those ppl and you swear you know them, like when you don't have to say really anything or explain your dry sense of humor, there is just an underlying "knowing-ness"...I love that! Kindred spirits I guess. Hopefully I will see her again! We really bonded over our passion for holistic health and wellness...
It was absolutely beautiful today, I believe it was a record breaker, 78 degrees in the MIle High City! I was all worried that I wouldn't be able to enjoy it, but the sun really came out just in time when I was done with all my classes. SO I celebrated and went for a long walk and just took it all in. I swear, I think everyone in Denver proper was outside gettin in on the action. That is def one of my fave things about Colorado and Denver specifically, we love to be outside enjoying our beautiful surroundings!
As I was walking around I was noticing all the diff types of ppl, and just how many forms of PERFECTION there really are. Yeah, I go back and forth with my concept of "perfection" but at this moment I do believe in it but more that everything is perfect in it's own unique way, there is no cookie cutter design of perfection. SO with that, I was just thinking about how different the world would be if we would just see ourselves as a perfect being who is beautiful just the way we are...there would be no comparing, no criticizing, no negativity...yeah, maybe I am an idealist, but Im also a realist. I just saw so many beautiful faces, bodies, arms, legs, butts, smiles, and souls. I guess I have been really shifting my paradigms lately and thus I am seeing more beauty vs not.
I felt really alive on this walk, shoot maybe it was all in my head, but really even if it was, it's all good. To feel content in your own heart, in your own shoes is seriously the best feeling ever. I had a moment where I was like,"Wow, I feel really comfortable right now, in this moment, a single woman, doing my thang." You know, we are always looking for something or someone to fill a void, to make us feel better, to solve all our problems, to "complete me". Well, actually I feel truly complete right now...but at the same time I feel like this is the perfect place to be, and if something or someone was to come along I would be open, however it would not be me needing to fill a hole or anything like that, it would be icing in the cake....
I don't know, life is a pretty cool thing when you really think about it...I have no clue as to what is coming my way, but I am so open to it whatever it is and I know it will be just perfect!


  1. I need some of that in my vision!!!! I am hitting a brick wall right now and feel so foggy. Everytime I read your blogs it hits home for me bigtime. Maybe I just need to get down that way and visit with you on da real!!!!!! Have a good week darlin, sounds like you are already. xo