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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spinning on that dizzy edge...

well, it was back to the grind this week. honestly, sometimes i go back to class feeling even more exhausted after having a week off? How does that happen? WHo knows...I've definitely been dragging this week, well since Tues anyway. I think it's all this studying. I really think I need a beach vacation at the end of this term, for real! I did get some very good news though, I got A's on all my midterms which I was stoked about considering I was freaking out about the herbal formula and gynecology ones...why do I do that to myself. I realize I am the maker of my own suffering but continue to put myself through it. I suppose it's being a human being:) today in clinic i started working with my friend jen as a partner, she rocks! every person ive been paired up with has taught me so much and i really love all of em. that is the beauty of chinese medicine, there are no 2 doctors alike and it truly is an opportunity for you to be an artist.
one of my new and longstanding goals is to go to bed earlier, so in honor of that, i'm gonna sign off. peace and love!

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