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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Energy through Motion

SO, Im going to check out a new book, Working Within- Working Without: The Tao of Inner Fitness. It sounds awesome and was brought to my attn by a friend. Fitness and exercise is indeed a journey for me, it is so much more than how much I can lift, what the scale says, how fast I can's about going inside, getting pretty uncomfortable at times, digging really deep and transforming my thoughts and a nut shell. ANyways, today the workout is-
Woodchop on cable 50lb 8x3 on each side
Plank 60sec
DB Squat with offset load 50lb
DB Alternating OH Press 35lb
SL BentKnee DL 45lb
Alternating LAteral Lunge 20lb
2point DB Row 40lb
This is my last week in this phase, so next week it's gonna get serious! Im so ready too. One of my latest goals is to really improve with my chin/pullups. I feel incredible when I do them on many levels, but honestly they are tough. A huge part of it was mental though. Before I begin I say a little affirmation or positive motivating thought. And I just focus, focus, focus.


  1. Nice work on this, Kyla. You're hard core! The mental focus that I'm getting from the book is eye-opening. I'm realizing this is just as important as the physical side. It's so cool that you're working on improving a skill. I strive for that with every workout; just to focus on one thing and change it. Bravo!

  2. Absolutely. In the past I have always tried to tackle 5 things at once and nothing really ever took flight. So, I'm learning to focus on a specific thing but still look at the big picture. I ordered the book last nite, totally stoked to read it!