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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Make Your Someday...TODAY!!!

Today was nothing short of amazing! It was absolutely beautiful out, lots of sunshine! I am such a sun worshipper, I really do feel energized with the sun and feel best and most alive in the summer. Maybe it's the vitamin D? Anyways, it made for a very enjoyable day. I ended up going out for a "little jog" and ended up running 6 miles. I think I was just in the moment and enjoying the beauty I didnt realize that I had gone out 3 miles, then I had to go back! It was great, I didnt even listen to my ipod which I typically do, all i could hear was my breathing and the sounds around me. I did however listen to a lecture on the way back which was very inspiring and motivating. I then had the idea to listen to books or lectures on my ipod while I exercise...we'll see, I dont think in most cases I will really be able to focus on a lecture during the trainings.
All of a sudden today I was being bombarded with new ideas and goals and just a really great zest to get out there and make things happen. I remembered my days when I was a kid playing tennis and how much I loved it, Jennifer Capriati was my idol and I really did want to become a professional tennis player back then:) Well, I think this summer Im going to re-visit my old passion for tennis and go hit some balls! I'm also thinking I really want to travel to Thailand in the next year or just seems like such an amazing place, they call it the "land of smiles"...
Right now Im really getting back to manifesting abundance and positivity in my life. One of the main things I am really tapping into is just accepting me and my life as it is right at this moment...Im learning that I cannot create more of what I want until I fully accept where I am at right here, right now...there are definitely things I want out of life, for sure...but really how will i ever be content with any of that if i am not fully content with where I am at currently. It's kind of a new way of perceiving life for many, and it's not for everyone, but it truly makes sense to me. JUst think of all the people who have the job, the car, the wife, the money in the bank, you name it...but they are miserable...contentment really resides within us all, but we have to go inside, yes it can be scary at times, lonely, dark, and's all part of the journey though

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