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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yin Within Yin

Today is officially the shortest day of the year. For many, this may be a difficult concept to grasp...DARKNESS. However, each day after this one will in turn grow longer and warmer. To me, this is the beautiful symphony and cyclical way of Mother Nature. She is constantly changing and evolving, yet remaining in tact within herself, there is an unfolding going on underneath her in essence an opening and closing that never ceases to end. As within, so without...

As far as Chinese Medicine goes, we are now immersed in the YIN time of the Yin/Yang cycle. Being in the dead of winter we are specifically in Yin within Yin, meaning that there is very little Yang.

We are in the WATER element of the 5-Phases. Water is the element of winter and is associated with the Kidneys and Bladder. When you think about it, the Kidneys and Bladder are the most YIN in terms of anatomical location on the body. They are the lowest, closest to the ground.

YIN time is dark, cold, inert, withdrawn, inward, deep, closed, quiet, feminine, wet, slow, to name a few.

The color associated with the WATER element is black which is pretty reflective of it's dark and deep nature. The emotion that is most commonly associated with the Water element is FEAR.

KIDNEYS play a very integral role in Chinese Medicine Theory. They are the seat of creation, essence, new life, passion, and zest for life. The KIDNEYS store our pre-heaven essence and our post-heaven qi. Anatomically they excrete what no longer serves us fluidly speaking. They house the MINGMEN which is like a little fire deep within us all.

FIRE is the opposite of WATER and can balance out too much saturated WATER in the body, mind, and spirit. During this time of year it is important to warm up your Kidney Yang and nurture your Yin by keeping it warm.

Also during this time of Yin and time of Water, it is crucial to embrace the stillness and maybe even the dark moments, as this can give rise to new journeys and experiences of creativity and passion for life. When we take note of the simple, flowing nature of Water, there is simply no need to discern it, there is no need to define it. It is enough to just watch it and be present to it. This is the same in your own body and life. Just savor it, give it room to be and just do it's thing. Allow the freedom to be. Water is unrestricted and everlasting, it is sensitive and very intuitive, susceptible to negative vibrations as well as positive ones so be conscious of this within your own self.

A very beautiful SOUL:::Stice to YOU

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