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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been....

Sometimes you go on a journey or passage through life and it seems like an eternity yet happened within the blink of an eye. Time is certainly a funny thing. It's like we are constantly just evolving in little wrinkles in time and they unfold and you just keep going with it. Lately I feel as though I am a child experiencing life for the first time. Everything is new, fresh, I feel pretty raw and open. There are many changes on the way and occuring even right this second however, I am really just keeping my feet planted on this moment, right here, right now. There is a bigger force at work here and I am focusing my energy on that and not all the 'stuff'. I think the 'stuff' is just kinda there to see how bad we want it. I want it. I am going all the way and feel totally supported and guided. At the same time I feel every other emotion in the book, but this is what it makes it worth the ride. If there was no color along the way it wouldn't be too interesting. Breathe, Pause, Be thankful, Connect, Pour my heart into every moment...all the other details will take care of themselves.


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