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Sunday, January 2, 2011

That's a Rap!


What an amazing year 2010 was! I've been hearing some say that it was a brutal one...I just cant relate to that at all. I have to say it was the best of my life thus far. At the same time I did have some dark spots and rough patches weaved in, I spent a lot of time being uncomfortable in many ways, I just kept going and found some comfort in these areas that I had maybe avoided previously. I actually have an appreciation for all the years passed, they are all integral in their own right and have carried some depth and weight absolutely, however this past year was pretty monumental. I guess in essence I just feel really alive. I did a tremendous amount of work within myself this year and as a result I have stripped many unwarranted or unnecessary layers. Amen! I am simply grateful to be in the position to realize I can and have the power and choice to do these self-interventions and be an active participant in my experience here. Freedom is the best!

One of the greatest things I have experienced this year has really been letting go of 'what things should look like'...this is a simplified description of the process but basically I have been truly tapping into my inner-being more and more and listening to myself more and more...on all levels. As a result everything in my life has just seemed to effortlessly take flight.

In all honesty this has been years of work coming into fruition and you know this process never really does stop...just feeling present and really awakening to life in all it's beauty keeps me going. It never feels like work, the rewards are so's almost like I feel like a child experiencing life for the first time and everything is new, fresh, exciting, there is no judgement, no punishment, no restriction....Life is full, blossoming, abundant, lively, spicy, and new each and everyday...

So long 2010 and Hello 2011! It's going to be a marvelous one, I can feel it.

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