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Monday, March 28, 2011


To me at this moment, life is just a letting go that just keeps on letting can go with it or against it. The more you continue letting go, the more you reveal you, your true being, your core, your essence. The beauty of YOU emerges naturally and effortlessly.

The really amazing aspect of this whole letting go phenomenon is that you never lose anything by letting go, you really just open yourself up to what is real. What is real can never be scathed, touched, destroyed, taken, or disrupted. The real is what ceases to exist and flourish in the midst of the 'things' that occur in this thing we can life. It is always in us and available to us, all we have to do is go to it. No it's not always comfortable and it can sometimes be painful. Running from this rawness doesn't seem to enhance my experience, so sometimes it's just sitting in what is and allowing it to be, all the while moving through it, not from it or around it.

The pure essence of who you are and what circulates this universe is all the same. It is the infinite currency of what ties us all together. It is the foundation of all creation and the very force that gives us life, passion, creativity, and the zest we all embody. When we all pass on, it will remain, fragments of ourselves will be like molecules in the ocean, all moving, circulating, and catalyzing with one another to form bonds, spark electricity, and penetrate into the glory of this amazing galaxy we call home.

Life simply is.

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