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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's the Diagnosis?

There are many 'diagnosis' floating around in today's world. Attention Deficit Disorder, Hypothyroid, Manic Depression, Benign Hyperplasia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Endometriosis, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis....

While I am not necessarily discounting these syndromes, I am looking at the larger picture. Often it seems many begin to identify themselves with the disorder they have been diagnosed with, such as I am depressed, my osteoarthritis, I am diabetic, I am anemic.

I feel that this way of thinking removes us away from being. It pushes us out of our true self into labels and dis-eases. So we then feel un-ease. We are then attached to something outside of ourselves, and in time find ourselves detached from the world around us.

Life is happening right here, right now. Many are waiting around for the diagnosis before they begin to be present and live right now. Even if we get a diagnosis, what does this exactly mean, does that give us the green light to move forward, to keep on living, to be present...

What if we never get that diagnosis, what if the doctors can't find what is wrong with us? DOes this mean we are doomed, that we are hopeless, that there is no way out? Does this mean we cannot choose to be alive and embrace this moment right here, right now?

In a word, NO. I dont say no to much but there is never any reason for you to wait around in order to live, to feel alive, to embrace the beauty of life. Even if you were to get a diagnosis of cancer for example, is that an indication that you should throw in the towel and give up? We all have this choice.

We can choose consciously to be captive to labels, to diagnosis', to syndromes...or we can be empowered, we can be free, we can live, and choose to live and be present right here.


  1. It is certainly not wise to identify with a syndrome at your core. People have a tendency to become bipolar disorder or chronic pain etc. In the end there are just as many other great things to identify with as well. Like being a coffee drinker, a great lover or a good dog walker. My best days are when I AM just identified with the actions of life...breathing, laughing even crying or being ticked off...but certainly being in the now. Something I have to work on all the time!


  2. I am present!!! Thanks for helping me be grounded. You are my shining star Kyla.