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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring into a New Beginning

Spring is a time of new beginning- the time of year to rise with the sun and get outside and move around, participate in "yang" activities, which in turn reflect the expansive, active, growing nature of spring. If you look around, you will probably notice new buds on trees and annuals peeking through the soil after the dark, cold, "yin" winter. The vibrant green color of the newly bloomed plants nourishes the soul through the eyes, hence the need to eat as much naturally decreases, and thus the body begins to cleanse itself naturally, not only of food residue but also of toxic or unnecessary emotions, or excessive desire. Vision becomes clearer and things are seen in new ways. This is a perfect time for discovering you true nature and giving attention to self awareness and self-expression.

-Spring time is any time when the light increases within your mind and entire system. If you feel dark, heavy or depressed, then you can lighten up by fueling yourself with positive intentions, nutritious foods, and anything that sparks your feelings of love and abundance. Surround yourself with beautiful flowers, brighten the colors in your wardrobe and home, and draw back the curtains to let in natural light. You can paint a sunnier outlook within yourself, which will give rise to all sorts of new opportunities, since like attracts like. Feel more energized and powerful as you spruce up your inner and outer worlds. Then capitalize on this increased vigor by starting a new project that really makes your heart sing with excitement.

In Five-Element Theory Spring is associated with the Liver which is the Wood Element. In the Yin/Yang phase it is Yang within Yin, Spring emerging through Winter. Water which is the element of Winter, nourishes the Wood. The water moistens it and enriches it's ability to lengthen and emerge. The Wood Element houses the Ethereal Soul which is said to influence our capacity of planning our life and finding a sense of direction in life. It is the residence of life dreams, vision, aims, projects, and ideas.

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  1. I love Spring! I am so glad we get this "new beginning" every year!