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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fertility is Life...

We all have the capacity to give birth, to create, to nurture, to support, and to flourish in this world. When we cultivate the inner space within ourselves we ultimately conspire to what is truly us, our essence, our divinity. The seed of virtue is planted firmly within us all, it is however up to us individually to manifest this potential and grow closer and deeper to our higher selves. As we merge more with our higher self, we unify the connection between heaven and earth. We are the connection. Our connection to the outer space then leads to the connection in our inner space. The space within is infinite and so real. As our inner space is heightened and nourished so too, our outer space will gravitate to our inner transmissions. One galaxy becomes two, two becomes three and so on to form an infinite galaxy of many galaxies. Continue to create, to love, to become, to dream, to live and to realize you are amazing simply because you are here and you are alive.

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