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Monday, July 18, 2011

We are Like Fleas on a Dog...

Do you ever realize that our little planet is actually rather small?

Have you ever pondered other planets, galaxies, universes?

Well, here is a metaphorical notion to play around Human Beings are symbolic to fleas on a dog. Yes, this may sound funny and perhaps ridiculous but check it out.

The more we aggravate our Planet, the more she gets irritated, just like fleas on a dog itching the living hell out of a dog. The dog will scratch incessantly due to the constant annoyance of the fleas. The dog doesn't want to hurt the fleas necessarily but it does want to feel better and it does this by taking care of itself.

The more we litter, use unconsciously, spread hatred and judgment, criticize, and live in fear, the more we "irritate" our Mother Earth...she then has to take care of herself and cleanse herself by sometimes taking drastic measures, maybe a Tsunami or earthquake, massive floods, hurricanes, fires that won't let up...Yes I realize that these are all natural phenomenons, but just like water being extremely receptive to the energy we transmit, Mother Earth, the land we walk on, the rocks, the hills, the plains, the deserts, ALL are vibrational and will be affected by us and the vibrational frequencies we are sending out.

Tap in, Tune On, and Vibrate's this simple.

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