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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Acupuncture is Successful at Treating-

Acupuncture is one branch under the vast tapestry of Oriental Medicine. It is probably the most commonly known pieces of this medicine where needles are strategically inserted in the skin to promote the bodies' own natural healing capabilities.

I am often asked what I use it for and what it is helpful in treating. Well to answer this question, it really does treat so much. We look at the body completely different from traditional models of health. No one perspective is right or wrong, just different. We don't study disease, we enhance wellness. We dont focus on the symptom, we discover the root cause and nourish from the inside out.

Some of the conditions I see often and help people with include-

- women's health
- fertility enhancement
- stress reduction
- immune function
- cold/flu prevention & treatment
- support during chemo/radiation
- allergies
- eye issues
- childhood imbalances: nightmares, attention disorders, growth, malnutrition,etc.
- anxiety
- depression
- fatigue
- multiple sclerosis
- candida
- spinal disorders
- fibromyalgia
- insomnia
- back pain
- migraines
- digestive imbalances
- neurological disorders
- stroke
- pre/post surgery
- neck/shoulder pain
- sensory disorders
- fear
- miscarriage prevention
- skin disorders
- weight gain
- epilepsy
- trigeminal neuralgia
- bells palsy
- addiction
- athletic performance
- low libido
- high cholesterol
- high blood pressure
- heart health
- poor memory
- arthritis

As you can see, this is a pretty broad list of conditions people experience. The beauty of this medicine is that we don't view the body or individual in being broken or inept. We see the body and the individual as a whole system that is intricately connected, meaning all that really has to occur is some harmonizing or balancing. The body has a built in "system" so to speak to conduct this naturally but due to some of the things we have done in life, it has been "weakened", so we are here to help guide it back to restoration. It is just as if your car had a flat tire, the car itself is not out of commission, it just requires a little check up and some air in the tire. So the men at the auto shop work to help the car do its job. A large part of this whole process is surrendering and allowing someone to help you and trusting this process, it is a journey of strength rather than defeat. Oriental Medicine is not solely focused on just 'getting rid of symptoms' which is a common mind set in our society today, it is more concerned with facilitating a higher frequency of being alive, not merely just living symptom free. It is a beautiful gift to be able to not only live without ailments but begin to ascend to higher levels of existence. Acupuncture and other modalities can be a bridge or gateway to these expanded consciousnesses.

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