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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Are You Enlightened??????????

ENLIGHTENMENT: is accepting reality as it is and taking responsibility for MYSELF! _ Paul Chek

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Diamonds of Truth...

"Read always with an open mind, remembering that the truth is a many-sided diamond, and that its different aspects will appear at different times, as those who guide the race see a need which must be met."
- Djwhal Khul

Sea of Fire:::Cosmic Fire

Sea of Fire/Cosmic Fire
Esoteric Acupuncture Vol. IV

The secrets of the Inner Truths lie hidden in the Dot, the One and the Not-One. In Its depths are contained the answers to all the mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom. Through It, you will know Time and Timelessness, Space and Spacelessness, Form and Formlessness. Go into It and you will merge with Compassion, Selflessness. Be It and you will Be Unconditional Love/Wisdom, Divine Will.
When the most Refined Esoteric Ying Qi merges with and is indistinguishable from the most refined Wayu, when both Jewels Within unite to become One, the Higher consumes the Lower and the River will flow into the Greater Sea. It is then that the veils will be lifted and the innermost Concealed will be Revealed.
We have been together in Timelessness, Spacelessness, when there were All-Things and No-Thing. We were there before energy condensed into matter, before there was Lightness and Darkness, before the separation into yin and yang. We once bathed together in the River of All That Is, which has always been our source of Inner Strength, Wisdom, and Rejuvenation. We once truly understood and were immersed in our interconnectedness with Oneness and Prime Creator/Prime Source who has No Beinning and No End. Prime Creator/Prime Source encompasses The All Field and No Fields, All Dimensions, No Dimensions and All That Is. We merely forgot our interconnectedness.
To Open all of the Inner Secrets, you must unravel the mysteries of the higher Heart and learn to be very Still. Esoteric Acupuncture is merely one of many gateways to guide you on a path to Your interconnectedness to All That Is, Your Eternal, Internal Birthright.

When I don't know Who I Am, I follow You
When I Know Who I Am, You & I are One

Monday, December 19, 2011

Busy Syndrome...

You hear it all the time, 'I've been BUSY." "I know you're super BUSY but..." "Gosh, I am so busy I just don't know how to handle it all." "Well, when Im not so busy then I will have time for it."

Now I understand we all have a jobs, families, hobbies, etc. etc. I get that. The thing that I began realizing was that every time I said I was BUSY it was like I almost dismissed the wonderful gifts that have been given to me, namely this beautiful life. It almost seemed to me as I was coining my life as BUSY I undermined the richness and splendor of it all. I was treating the things I engage in as burdens rather than blessings.

Since I have not using the term BUSY to refer to my day to day, it has given me much more freedom and actually has taken a load off my shoulders, which I incidentally created:) I approach everything I do with an intention, and a purpose, and a sense of gratitude as opposed to something I have to check off the list or finish or get done or get to.

This has been yet another avenue to merge myself more into the vast current of infinite bliss. Life is softer, graceful and effortless this way. This does not mean I don't feel pain or feel afraid from time to time...but is is simply another attachment to let go of...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

In The Sun (So High) OFFICIAL Instrumental

Toyohari Style Acupuncture

What is Toyohari?

Toyohari is a refinement of a 2,000-year- old tradition of acupuncture derived from the Chinese classics. Its powerful effects and simple, gentle style were developed in Japan, where there is a 300-year tradition of blind acupuncture. It is largely based on the practitioner’s refined ability to feel the meridian energy (ki or qi), and uses specialized needle techniques, many of which are non-insertive. Toyohari is excellent for all patients, including infants, children, and seniors, due to its gentle, non- invasive techniques. While its therapeutic intent is to prevent disease and maintain health, Toyohari acupuncture effectively treats both acute and chronic disorders.


In 1959 Kodo Fukushima, a blind acupuncturist, founded the Toyohari Medical Association, which trained hundreds of sight-less meridian therapists in the diagnostic and treatment techniques particular to Toyohari meridian therapy. The Toyohari Association soon began accepting sighted students as well in order to train as many practitioners as possible in these highly effective methods.Today,the Toyohari Association is growing in Japan, the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Toyohari Diagnosis

Traditional diagnostic techniques include asking for a history of symptoms, listening to the voice, touching the meridians and abdomen, looking at the color and luster of the skin, and feeling the pulse as the foundation of diagnosis, allowing for a unified interpretation of a patient’s symptoms. This unified interpretation is called a sho, or pattern.

Toyohari Treatment
Using gentle needling, the acupuncturist treats the root energetic imbalance, or sho, to balance and strengthen the whole body. Just as a tree depends on its roots, once a strong balance is achieved the branches begin to grow. Branch treatment consists of needling, warming techniques (moxibustion), and other techniques unique to Toyohari. Treatment can take anywhere from fifteen to forty-five minutes. Patients usually remain clothed. Most find treatment pleasant and relaxing.

What are the four Sho?

Most individuals fall into one of four characteristic patterns:

Spleen Sho: This person’s symptoms may include digestive disorders, body heaviness, painful joints, or fatigue.

Lung Sho: This type of person may present with recurring illness affecting the nervous or respiratory systems.

Kidney Sho: Includes reproductive and urinary disorders, cold feet, imbalance of body fluids, or low back pain.

Liver Sho: This type of person may present with eye problems, fullness in the chest, or restless sleep.

The sho is the root disharmony of ki energy, or life force, within a person’s body. When this imbalance is corrected, the body has the ability to heal itself. Toyohari Meridian Therapy Acupuncture works by correcting the disturbance of overall vitality and creating balance in the human being as a whole. When the ki is balanced, the patient becomes well.

Toyohari Meridian Therapy Acupuncture

“Therapy is not limited to individual symptoms or single organs, and the patient is not analyzed as an entity separate from his or her environment. Traditional Acupuncture is, to put it simply, ‘people treating people’.”

— Fukushima Kodo, Founder and past President of the Toyohari Medical Association

"Japanese Meridian Therapy’s primary aim is to strengthen our life force or qi.This force is the fundamental foundation of all phenomena.”

- Toshio Yanagishta