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Friday, July 6, 2012

Touching the Gratitude that Emerges from Growth

SRIM KLIM SRIM: I RADIATE GRATITUDE FOR THE ABUNDANCE IN MY LIFE We all start from the Earth and come back to the enjoy the journey. Like a flower emerging from the ground, reaching towards the sky, allowing the sun to warm its petals; we too evolve out of what feels like intense stagnation and transform into lightness... When was the last time you slowed down long enough to really feel the presence of life. What does life exhibit within you? What is your relationship with life? Sometimes it seems as though we are walking on a tightrope between the infinite and finite, between our Source and what will never cease to be and then 'this' world of physical attachments and what will cease to be. How do we go about being true to our very nature while being in this world? How do we integrate our heart among the brainwaves? The space in between extremes, between being right and wrong, between good and bad, between the heart and mind...why is it that this valley is avoided? Is this where we are truly natural? The more I live here in this experience I really feel this is where I am most natural and where I am becoming one with my aliveness. It is sometimes safe or comforting for us to be on one polar extreme or the other, and feels rather uncomfortable in the middle. Perhaps in the middle there is no attachment and the spirit then becomes free. Why in our mind is it that we want to attach and coil up... The remedy I continue to discover is simply know your Source. When we actively trust this, none of 'this' even matters, it is simply just icing on the cake, more fringe on our physical experience. The more we attach to 'this' the more we will suffer...when we feel that tinge of anxiety, worry, remorse, fear.....pause, and ask yourself, where am I placing my dependence? What is my Source? This will solidify the WHY...WHY are we here, WHY are we participating...the WHY gives us intention and focus and dissolves the illusion, the attachment to something that simply is not real. Take time in your day to focus on what is real and have fun...

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