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Monday, December 10, 2012


Life of the human is as life of the universe, there is an integral order and movement to it. The organized body is the external force of the living strength of the living power, and it would be impossible to have the living power without a place for it. The spirit is given by heaven and results in the appearance and continued presence of a human body. Earth within the human is qi because it is that which forms all being, Heaven within the humsn is virtue just as outside of HEAVEN is the virtue of all virtue. The oversoul is always streaming down upon us through the virtue of heaven, it is the gift that never runs dry. Our heartbeat is the response to the life that is offered to it. The existence of "I" is virtue expressed. As a human, one is free because we originate in HEAVEN, and we are limited only because we are of the physicality of Earth. This is not seen as contradictory in Chinese, it rather sets a stage for the very nature of our existence. We have 4 directions and 4 seasons which create the dimensions of space and time. The number 5 is the dimension in which these permutations have an action. A human being is seen as a crossing of the energies of east, west, north, and south, of the seasons, and all of the space and time between Heaven and Earth. This is why 5 represents the knot of life, 5 flavors, 5 Elements, 5 Zang, and why the spirits within each one of us spread themselves in 5 ways in order to manifest ones being, expressing themselves throught the 5 Zang. Zang are the receptacles for ones spirit and the way to govern ones life in the deepest part of their being.

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