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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yang Organ Disharmony

Yang Organ Malfunction When Mind reduces to mind, the functions of the Small Intestine, Gallbladder, and Bladder become compromised in the following ways: first, the Small Intestine begins to incorrectly sort experience and distort messages coming from the body, e.g., anxiety and pain are framed as bad instead of being understood as useful information emanating from the body's energy field. In reality, anxiety is merely raw unfocused energy, and pain is simply energy that is stagnant or not moving for some reason. Neither of these states should in any way be regarded as bad, although they may well be unpleasant to experience. Secondly, the Gallbladder makes poor decisions with regard to energy management, either aggressively attacking the symptoms or containing and then retreating from them by dissociation, instead of more flexibly softening and allowing the energy to move. Such decisions inevitably lead to Qi and Blood stagnation, or depending on the degree of self-directed aggression, may actually materialize as an autoimmune disease.12 The Bladder, using the "will," institutes fear-based, self-destructive actions such as inappropriate acting-out behaviors, drug ingestion, or even surgical procedures to eradicate unwanted symptoms instead of redirecting the will internally to facilitate Body-Mind-Spirit integration.

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