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Monday, March 22, 2010

Balance Balance Balance

Yes, I can honestly say that balance is and has been something I have been trying to attain for well, pretty much my whole life. When I was about 10 yrs old my mom bought me a hematite bracelet and she said "This is supposed to bring about balance Kyla." Yep, it was even apparent at the ripe age of ten that I lived to extremes! When I like something, I really like it and tend to just go for it! ANd when I don't care for something, well I simply don't even bother. I guess this is good in the way that I am pretty solid in what i do and i don't like but it's so much deeper than just that. WHy do we feel the need to overdo, overindulge, go crazy, restrict, hold back from "things" in life...I believe it to be an outward expression of an internal incongruency or imbalance. No worries, we can always harmonize these imbalances, nothing is written in stone or permanent. But you see the "challenge" is acknowledging the root of this outward manifestation. It is so easy for me to just point the finger at something other than myself, "it's because of that!" "He made me do it!" "It was Tuesday!"....well, as we all know, we really have no control on anything outside of ourselves, so take that energy and put in inward and see what is really in an imbalance, and thus why we feel the "need" or "urge" to go to such extremes in our lives. Honestly though, I think even extremeness can be alright in moderation:) I see it as passion and zest, but I also know myself, and I can easily overdo it on well, you name it! Lately it has been studying. I definitely feel as though I have been burning the candle (my candle:) at both ends. Am I a perfectionist? Do I have O.C.D.? Am I crazy? well...I don't really know, I have self-diagnosed myself with pretty much everything over my life, and at this moment in time, it really doesnt matter. Diagnosis or not, I am a human being! These are the events and cycles that I personally learn from. Thankfully it does get easier to recognize these when they are going on. Once I recognize the imbalance, I can then take action and change it. SOmetimes it takes longer and sometimes not. Because in all truthfulness, I find comfort in some of my extreme tendencies, that is a whole other subject we can delve into another time:) BUt the bottom line is, am I willing to give it up, let it go, release that which is no longer working for me? It sounds so simple and really it is! However, we do such a great job of making everything so flippin complicated. SO breaking it down in to little blocks is what really works for me. I then only bite off as much as I can handle at that moment instead of trying to take on the world. An old friend of mine always used to tell me, "Kyla, you don't have to take on the world all by yourself." And you know what, we don't! So for today, yes I am going to study but I'm going to implement some balance into the mix! Im also going to see my energy worker Ariel which I am stoked for! It's been about 3 months since I've seen her so she will have a lot to work on:)
SO just like riding a bike, it's possible and quite likely, we will fall off and scrape our knees, but brush yourself off, get back on that bike and keep pedaling, you will find the balance, and then will probably lose it a few times, as long as we keep moving forward on the bike, we will be ok:)
Peace and Love!

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