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Monday, March 8, 2010

Cash Rules Everything Around Me...

For your life to work perfectly, you must build your career around something you love to do; it;s a way of supporting the universe. Don't worry about money. The universe will support you for it. We are taught that anything worth having requires a lot of hard work and struggle. But the universe signals its support by making things flow smoothly and effortlessly. Struggle and effort is a result of resisting the universal flow of energy. It is a clear signal you are out of alignment.
This is compiled from a Nexus paper I read monthly. Hmmm, how comforting to know that as long as we are living with passion and serving the whole and fulfilling our primary purpose, we will be taken care of. Just imagine if everyone did something they were incredibly passionate about? How amazing would that be? Honestly, I dont know if I could handle that:)
Anyways, it was a pretty cloudy dreary day, so diff from our summer-like weekend. I finished my paper on autism, did a lot of talkin on the phone, got my workout in, studied, and ate/prepared food.
The workout was good, I'll do another new one on wed or whenever i get to it. Those damn pull-ups are tough man! I'm excited to get better at em though.
So as far as studying goes, it's been interesting lately. Up until this term I always had "study buddies", so I could always count on my A-team to quiz me, or teach me a new perspective or whatever...well, now Ive been doing it solo, the women who are in my class are all pretty occupied in their lives or have there own study regimes, which is entirely fine...It's just really taught me the power of my thoughts and how they impact my performance, motivation, and confidence in myself. Before I study for extended periods or take tests, I usu do some form of positive affirmative thinking practices or E.F.T. (emotional freedom technique). I am not kidding you, this stuff really works. I even do it now when I workout. Your mind will give up a lot quicker than your body will, so it's all about harnessing the mind-body and spirit connection. I think so often we are not even aware of the internal dialogue occuring in our mind, we just go through life full of negative energy circling our minds, bodies and spirits.Well, it really doesn't have to be that way. We have the power and ability to change this and create a different experience for ourselves.


  1. Emotional freedom technique hmmmmm. Last weekend I learned about the "tapping" mechanism to change my cognitive thinking. When we hook up we need to exchange ideas. I love your blog, I don't know if you saw but I started one myself after seeing yours. You should follow me!!! Lol. I read your blog everyday and it sets a great deal of power within me. Thank you for that. Keep writing, I'll keep reading. Love you so much.

  2. the tapping is from EFT, you need to request me as a friend because yours is private...luv ya babe!