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Friday, March 12, 2010

Classes, Meditation, and Train

Well it's Friday! Another week down for the count...where does the time go!? I can't believe we are already turning back the clocks this weekend! I am happy about it though, Im such a sun worshiper and absolutely love the long days of summer. Anyways, today I went to gynecology for a few hours. I walked into my class this morning and i was the only one that showed up, it was quite funny actually, all the teachers' attn was on me, no texting or fooling around! Ha. ELizabeth, one of my school mates ended up comin in late, so it was no longer a solo effort.
I was going to go to the gym and do a metabolic circuit but couldn't get my butt in gear for that due to the beautiful weather, I headed over to the park and did a kyla circuit just using my body and a park bench, it lasted around 30 min and felt great.
I did a combo of moves such as-
jumping jacks
step ups
jump lunges
push ups
lateral lunges
knee tucks
mtn clibers
prisoner squats
static lunges
I just did an exercise for about 30 sec until moving onto the next, it wasnt too organized, i just kept moving. It def get's a lot of looks from passer-bys! HA!

After that i walked home and stopped at a nice little bench to have some meditation time. Yeah, I admit, life sure gets busy! However, I know for myself when I take just a moment each day to devote to some sort of meditation, prayer, etc. I am definitely a happier, more peaceful, and calmer version of myself...the cool thing about this is that there is NO wrong way to do it. You can read a book, meditate, pray, draw a picture, write a letter, look up at the sky, dance in front of a mirror. Each one of us has a totally different way to tap into the world that resides within us, so start exploring what it is to you.

And of course I spent an hour and a half or so studying once again. Man I have to say, im not sure if any of it is sticking anymore! :) It will all be a memory soon up early tomorrow for my forum class then i will just see what the day brings me, I think it's going to be beautiful outside all weekend so maybe a hike or something?

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