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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gettin it done!

today has already been pretty productive and I havent even left my place yet!...cleaned the place up, paid the billz, put the laundry away, took the trash out-seriously it bugs me so much that my apt doesn't have recycling, Im always driving around town finding places where i can actually recycle, and it's becoming more and more difficut as many places are getting rid of them:(and ate! SO I just signed up with a new phone company, Credo, not very known, but they are the one phone company who is actually environmentally, politically and socially conscious! They just planted a tree when I paid my bill! And they also credited me when I canceled with my old provider. Awesome rates too! I went down to 200 min but have 5 people that i can talk unlimited to and won't be charged and free nites/weekends of course, and unlimited texts. All for about $45 bucks! Not bad at all.
New workout today! It will go a lil something like this-
-reverse wood chop
-prone jackknife

-T pushup

-single leg squat
-alternating lat raise

-supinated hip extension with leg curl (S.H.L.E.C.)
-inverted row

3 sets of 8 reps for all, 60sec rest periods btw.

Should be a winner!

So I also registered for next trimester in school, 7th! I only have 2 more to go after that, 9 total. Dang! Im actually gonna miss school, so instead of complaining about studying and being tired, Im gonna take this last haul and enjoy it. It will prob be the last time I am ever in this type of intense school setting in my life. Im sure I'll continue to further my education and scope of knowledge of course just no signing up for anymore master's programs:)
Here's my classes for next term:
Internal Medicine
Western Physical Exam and Diagnosis
Clinical Application of Herbal Medicine
Clinic Internship
Wow, I used to take about 10 classes a term, it's all dwindling now, not that they arent difficult, but it's def a refreshing feeling to know you are on the homestretch!

Ive also been thinking of getting back into yoga, Ive taken a hiatus recently and am missing it:) I was working for Corepower Yoga and just had too much on my plate so I ended it...i especially miss the feeling you get at the end of class, that feeling of euphoric heaven, reminds me of, well...nevermind! Ha. And then you get misted with the essential oil spray! That always does it for me! Serious battery charger for sure!

I'm off now, train, run some errands, study, and whatever else the day brings me! Make it a great day!

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