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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm Too Sexy for My Shirt....So Sexy it HUrts!

HA! I heard this song today while drivin down the road and it totally brought me back to 1992. I love music from the 90's! And the 80's too for that matter...I think I'll always be kinda stuck in the 90's, you know how those people with mullets and faded jeans are still embedded in the 70's?
Anyways, it was quite a busy weekend...I stayed at the Simpson's house last nite to watch Ella the dog and man I have to say, I love that bed! I sleep like a rock and it's QUIET! nice. Today I did some "errands" and went down to Whole Health where I used to intern and got a massage from Amy, she is awesome! I really got In "the zone", went and had lunch at Joe's and attempted to study acu treatment and disease material for my upcoming proficiency test. I'm trying to get this stuff out the way because truthfully it is my least favorite, it's very black and white and pretty dry, but I guess I can't LOVE it all. It is definitely my weakness, so Im just tryin to buffer it up a bit! I can't say that having a massage right before was a great idea either, I was a lil too relaxed. Meh...
Then I found myself back in Capitol Hill studying once again! Dang...this time it was more diagnosing and differentiation stuff, we like to call it "D and D"...I love this part of it. I can actually read this for leisure believe it or not! I've decided to take a break from studying TCM for the rest of the nite, my brain is officially mush. I am however going to finish a research paper that I started yesterday. It's for my clinic forum class, where I mentor underclassmen and while they put together a case based on TCM, I compile research based on the Western side of the disease. Well, apparently my mentee has taken a leave of absence or something, so Im not mentoring, but I found out I still have to do a paper of my choice. So, I chose autism. Why did I choose autism? Well, because it's really mysterious to me and we really never see it, at least not in the student clinic. I've researched some things regarding autism in the past, mainly the relationship it has with vaccinations and dietary habits. I did however learn about many famous actors, artists, scientists and composers who all lived either with autism or asperger's syndrome, which is a milder form of autism. This just emphasizes the fact that the only limits we live by are the ones we set ourselves. I remember when I used to ride my bike up Deer Creek Canyon, which happens to be a pretty decent climb, I would see this man with one arm whizzing down the canyon as if he had 2 essence it's our attitude, we do the best with what we have and don't let perceived set-backs tie us down...

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