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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Madness is almost over!!!

Some grub from the other night- chicken, tomato, beans, kobocha squash, hummus...

This lil guy would not leave me alone at the park the other day, eventually he realized I didnt have any snacks for him so he moved on his way

Studying is a lot more enjoyable while basking in the sun.

SOme essentials of mine, backpack, sneaks, and H2o

No wonder my eye won't stop twitching, way too many herbal formulas!

I'm tired!

Yes, that's right folks, I will be done with this proficiency test tomorrow! I have def reached maximum capacity as far as fitting all this information in my brain! This week has been pretty chill compared to the past few weeks as far as studying goes, this last weekend I totally hit a wall and realized quick that overdoing it like that is not going to help me in anyway, so i took my foot off the gas pedal a bit and came back down to Earth. It feels good to be back! Anyways, it will feel awesome to be done with it, I may have to re-take some sections but seriously that is the worst thing that can happen, and if it does, no biggie!
SO last night we got seriously dumped on! It was a miracle I got home ok. The snow came in with a huge vengeance and was super wet and heavy! I had a massage last nite, which was awesome btw, but I came out to get in my car and Mother Nature had done her thang. It was most definitely a wild ride home. My car seriously kicks some butt, never let's me down:) Tomorrow is going to be back in the 50's so everything will be nice and green!


  1. Good luck on your test!!! ;)
    And that food looks good and healthy! Jenna

  2. thanks babe! It is over! I feel awesome!