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Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is moi after a day of chillaxin, training and probably studying a little too much:) I'm lookin a rather pasty, I think it's definitely time for a beach getaway soon!

I saw this picture of a woman's sillouette tonite as i was walkin to my car in the rain, I thought it was stunning. I used to take nude figure drawing classes. The lines just seem to flow elegantly and effortlessly. How often do we appreciate the lines of our bodies? It's a shame we have moved away from what I real woman's figure really looks like. I have finally reached a place where I love to have some shape and actually I love my booty. Why not! If we dont love what we have then how could we be happy with more of something or something different. I love learning about cultures around the world, it really does show that the definition and concept of beauty is very much shaped by social and cultural ideals and values. Why not just LOVE yourself as you are unconditionally, when you achieve this, the ideas and opinions of others seem to fade away....
Well, what happened to our sunny spring weather!? Today was rather wet and gloomy in contrast to yesterday...i guess that's the way the cookie crumbles esp here in Colorado. was pretty chill.
I went to the gym and got a metabolic circuit in, the same one Ive been doing for a couple weeks now, I have 2 more weeks then I'll be switchin it up again. It felt great, at the end I had to lay down and gather myself:) I thought my heart was gonna explode. I decided that at the end I was gonna do 30 burpees in a row...and I did! There was a time when I could barely do 10. This was at the end of my whole workout so I was definitely hurtin. I think my heart rate peaked at 180 which isnt too shabby.
After that I headed to the Whole Foods on Colo Blvd to get into some anatomy and physiology. Man, I thought I was gonna pass out! Luckily I started getting into it and pepped up a bit. I seriously havent reviewed A&P for about a year! I wasn't really lookin forward to it but realized I know and remember so much more than I thought! I think we usu shortchange ourselves. The knowledge is in there! We just need to learn how to access it. At least that's what I tell myself:) ANyways, I really enjoy A&P. This was by far one of my weakest areas of the program Im in, who knows why, but that alone pushed me even harder to improve. I just find the human body so fascinating and now that i actually know the muscles and bones, etc it just makes it even more intriguing! I used to have to go over all the parts of the body over and over and over again just to get it in my brain, so much route memorization, but now it's pretty much 2nd nature, thank goodness:) I also love it because u can just look at your body and study pretty much, the same with acupuncture points, its very accessible!
Well, tomorrow Im headin up to Greeley, which Ive actually never been to btw, to do a demo. It will be a nice break so I dont study too much. Lately I have had to tell myself to chill out when it comes to studying for these upcoming tests. Kinda funny actually.

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