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Friday, April 16, 2010

Live Your Love...Love Your Life

Yeah, Im pretty much loving life right now, not that I wasn't before, but I just feel on fire right now, it's pretty cool actually:) All of a sudden I just feel so "in it", and really know that all is well and I am just where I am supposed to be and am sooo thrilled about my future. Call me crazy but I simply just feel incredible!
I made a formula with some raw herbs the other day, the formula is called Gui Pi Tang. It is probably my signature formula. Makes me feel awesome! There is something so pure and authentic about making your own herbal's very cool! It is also the most effective way to administer herbs too. This classic formula tonifies Spleen Qi and nourishes Heart Blood, it's great for people like me in school who over-think:) SOme herbs in it that you may recognize are ginger, licorice, longan berries, jujube fruit, and astralagus.
I went out to dinner last night for my good friend Natasha's birthday and had a blast. We were laughing so hard tears started streaming out of my eyes! It was probably the best therapy I've had in a long time! ANd to tell you the truth I really have no idea what we were laughing at. I do think laughter is great medicine and if you have not had a good laugh in a while go out and get one!:)We ate at a place called Shish Cabob, family owned and very good food. I had some really tasty soup, I wasn't really incredible hungry but I helped my friend Amy eat some of her chicken schwarma- delish! I also brought home some of their homemade hummus, and this stuff ma very well become my new favorite! Apparently the governor comes in all the time to get a stash of the hummus. Hummus is definitely a major food group for me:)
Well, this term is almost over and boy oh boy does it feel awesome, this was an intense one for sure, mainly because of the proficiencies. SO I am thrilled to have the summer to just take it easy and enjoy. I'm thinking I will get on a plane to jet somewhere this summer, gonna let that one unfold as far as where...
The trees are blooming and everything is getting really green around here, I love this time of year. So beautiful. I really love Colorado for this reason, we have all the seasons and I just am fascinated by the cyclical rhythm of nature. She knows what she is doing despite us trying to go against the stream of life.
One big thing Im really practicing daily is the Law of Attraction, and WOW! More will come on this subject, but I can honestly tell you that is a major reason of why I am feeling so hot right now.


  1. Great stuff, Kyla. I feel your energy in this post, and it's great to hear you are so alive. Cheers to you! Can I get that herbal recipe from you, and can you tell me more of the benefits of it? Thanks! Julie

  2. Yes of course, can I email you?

  3. Sure, or I just friended you on fb. We can message that way too. Whatever is easier for you.

  4. I will send you an email on fb later:)

  5. What do you do with the formulation?

  6. I cook it then drink it, over the course of a few days or more depending on the dosage that I make. This is medicine before pills:)