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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Get Some Awareness People

If you truly care about your body, your health, animals, and the beautiful world around you, I encourage you to watch KING CORN. It is a great documentary regarding the corn and meat industry in our country. I understand many people are simply unaware of some of the foods they consume, but there is information out there so we can be educated and inspired consumers, not just wasteful-mindless consumers. I watched this documentary in a nutrition class this past week and was impressed and at the same time devastated and disgusted by some of the vehicles that fuel this economy. Many people may not understand why I believe it's important to consume high quality, free range, grass fed, organic, sustainable, cage free, whole, antibiotic/hormone free foods, but hopefully watching something like this will at least open your eyes to what is being done. It really isn't hard to see why so many Americans are in the state of health they are when you consider the quality of food they live on. You have the power and the choice to make informed and respected decisions about your life and wellness, it is up to YOU!


  1. Great! You will like it. I got somewhat emotional, but I tend to with these types of documentaries...