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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vibrantly Vegan

Well, it seems the past week and a half (ish) I have pretty much been living vegan. You know, honestly I really had no intentions of this, I just kind of fell into it in a way. I suppose I am just really listening to my body and what it needs rather than thinking my way into what I think it needs or fueling it by some standard or guideline. To tell you the truth, it's been very freeing. I have never been a huge meat eater by any stretch but I have been a regular consumer of chicken and seafood for well, pretty much my whole life. I did go through "phases" as a younger person, especially when I started learning about the treatment of animals and the process as a whole. Once I found out what veal was (at the age of maybe 7) I vowed to never eat it and I still to this day have not consumed it. My grandma never should of told me what it was:) Anyways, spring time is nature's "cleansing" season and I have digressed from eating some foods just naturally. So last week I just kind of decided I was going to omit all animal sources for a while and just see what I feel like. So in essence, it's just a little experiment. I like looking at things as "projects" or "experiments", this takes away the black and white-ness we tend to place on changes. We feel as though we will have to succumb to something for the rest of our life and we will lose something or miss out on something...Basically our ego steps in as we begin to plummet out of our comfort zone and we become fearful, so all of a sudden all these attachments arise that truly are just distractions, having really nothing to do with the primary purpose....
So, I am very happy to report, I am actually feeling quite supreme! Truthfully, I didnt ever see myself as being able to survive without "my protein", i.e. meat. Well, I am and I feel great. My skin has dramatically cleared up, I have never had breakouts like this in my life before, I think it's just a by-product of being in school for way too long:) I have been sleeping like a baby and I wake feeling rested, no desire for caffeine at all! I have also had steady energy throughout the day for the most part. I feel great during my workouts, I would even go as far as saying my strength has increased. My blood sugar feels balanced and I virtually have no cravings.
I think where a lot of people may go wrong with these sort of lifestyles and ways of eating is simply not getting adequate nutrients, i.e. the vegan who lives off of veggie burgers and crackers or the vegetarian who lives off of mac and cheese and boxed cookies and Quorn cutlets. This is not real food. I have really been doing my homework around all of this to make sure I am receiving proper nutrients. Granted, my protein intake is a lot lower than what it typically is and my carb intake is higher, but who really says that I have to have "X" amount of this and "X" amount of that, our bodies are not computers, they are intelligent and really know what they need, it;s just that we have to learn to listen to them and trust them.
So what am I eating? Well, I have been having spirulina/greens drinks each morning. Im not really a huge bread eater but I have been enjoying my beloved Ezekiel sprouted grain english muffins, sweet potatoes, sometimes brown rice or quinoa. I have a slew of veggies all day long, too many to name. I have fats in the form of almond butter, coconut oil, flax, evening primrose, raw nuts, avocados, etc. I still have my awesome hummus:) I have been eating more fruit lately, maybe one or two pieces a day depending. Some other staples are hemp protein, lentils, beans, tempeh, etc. I really have an abundance of chioces. People keep asking me "What do you eat?!" or "Gosh, that must be tough!" Actually, it's not at all, when I feel good, it then becomes easy. Food should make you feel good. If you dont feel good, then you need to change something, either your attitude or your food choices or both.

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