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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bye Bye Sky

Well, today my little Sky passed away. He lived a short but a very happy and loving life. He was diagnosed with cancer last summer and made it this far. He was one of the most special beings I have ever met in my life. Talk about a little sweetheart. His little paws looked like Ugg boots. It's pretty amazing how our animals earn such deep spaces in our hearts. I will always be reminded of his kind soul each and everytime I look at the sky.
I believe that animals are here not only to provide love and companionship to us but also teach us lessons and show us what it is like to simply live in the moment and live a life full of unconditional love. They go through life with no judgement, no hatred, no self-consciousness. They are here to love and live and I think that is beautiful. They will love us no matter what. They live everyday as if it was their last...give your animals a hug today if you havent already.


  1. I am so so sorry. There is nothing worse than losing a companion like that. Just think, he's floatin on eating as many bones as he can now lol. I truly am sorry for your loss babe.

  2. awe thanks C:) He is very happy now, but it is just so hard to let go in life...but so necessary. I have such a deep love for animals it just tears me up when I know they are in pain... o it is comforting to know he is out of pain looking down on us. love ya:)

  3. My heart goes out to you. LOVE xoxoxo