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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Please Pass the Potassium

So we all know that potassium among other minerals are vital to our well-being and contribute to many of our critical bodily processes. It is after all the third most abundant mineral in the human body. Potassium works in synergy with other minerals to regulate blood pressure, prevent stroke, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, reduce muscle cramping, improve nerve function, and so many other amazing things!

I think we grow up hearing that bananas are the best source of potassium, "if you have sore calves, eat a banana!" Well, bananas are wonderful, don't get me wrong but there are so many other choices out there and many in fact that have higher levels of potassium.

Here are some alternative options-

* Lima beans (1 cup) 1000 mg
* Cantaloupe (half a 5-inch melon) 975 mg
* Potato (medium-sized) 900 mg
* Almonds (4 oz) 786 mg
* Sweet Potato (Medium-sized) 694mg
* Whole milk (1 cup) 675 mg
* Blackstrap Molasses (1 tbsp) 498 mg
* Halibut (3 oz) 490 mg
* Salmon (4 oz) 470 mg
* Chicken (4 oz) 410 mg

Bananas clock in at 422 for a medium size fruit. As you can see there are other ways to get potassium in your diet. All minerals are important and work together as a team so to ensure adequate mineral consumption, just make sure you are eating colorful foods throughout the day!

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