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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Taste the Rainbow!

Cosmic Cabbage Salad- Be creative, have fun!
-Cabbage, basil; Dressing- mix equal parts apple cider vinegar, olive oil, raw honey...then add mustard and horseradish to your liking, i personally like it spicy. Toss the dressing and cabbage mix, cover and chill in fridge.
I was in the mood for some cooked veggies, it seems as though I have been on a raw kick lately so it was a welcomed change

Roasted Veggies- cut, spray with olive oil, place on baking sheet, bake at 350degrees for about 20min...


  1. Did you cook the veggies in your oven? Does that take out all of the good nutrition in them usually? And how did it turn out? Looks so colorful and yummy!!!

  2. And what all did you put in that psychadelic salad? Lol

  3. well, some say cooking veges depletes nutrients but im really not worried about it:) i've been eating pretty much all raw lately so i was in the mood for something cooked. this is my version of a grill...til i get one:)