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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Open Your Mind!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing a brand new healing modality. TIBETAN CRANIAL SACRAL say the least, this blew me away. I am always trying new things in the energy, healing, health, holistic, alternative, scientific fields. It's one of those things that just keeps my soul active and it always opens me up to new perspectives, dimensions, and usually I discover something deep within myself that I hadn't yet before. A good friend of mine who I go to school with gave me the treatment, she has been an apprentice for a while now. I can't really explain my experience in words, and I am a big believer in allowing others to just simply have their own experience. During this treatment all that she was working on was my head, neck and even inside my mouth. By the end I felt like my whole body had been worked on, and honestly in a way it did. The whole body, mind and spirit is connected so by touching one part of the body other areas can be affected as well. I had never had my mouth worked on ever, and I have to tell you, this was pretty powerful. I realized we never go in there to actually manipulate the muscles and tendons. We go to the dentist and what not but that is not therapeutic. I began to ponder the mouth, this is where we either speak our truth or not speak our truth, where we nourish ourselves with food or maybe we don't, where we chew food and break it down for digestion- I see this also as "chewing" ideas and breaking ideas down, some of us have trouble breaking things down and assimilating ideas, beliefs, values, etc. The mouth is also one place where we express love, maybe a kiss, a laugh, a smile....In Chinese Medicine we see the tongue as the root of the Heart which houses the Spirit. It is all connected in the end....


  1. I never thought of that before, massaging in the mouth. It totally makes sense. I sure do love your posts! :)

  2. thanks jenna! you would love this...i was in awe of how much energy is contained in the mouth...they call the palate the "canopy to the soul", and it makes sense, it looks like a little umbrella!

  3. Wow! I love how much I have learned from you!

  4. you are so sweet:) i learn from you too jenna!