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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What are you Transmitting?

The word Emanate is defined as: from “Manare” to flow, to come out from a source. “Emit”.

So often we are very focused on what we are getting or receiving. Many times we may forget to realize that it is also pertinent to be conscious of what we are sending out. These sort of energy exchanges occur daily and around the clock: you put in a quarter and a gum ball comes out, you hand the cashier money and you receive your item, you throw a ball and your dog fetches it, you place a letter in the mailbox and the post man picks it up for delivery. It is the same with the energy exchange within us and the world around us. Do you emit a positive energy? What kind of people do you attract? DO you feel energized by those you surround yourself with? Do others seem to suck the energy out of you? These questions can all tell you how the exchange of energy may be affecting is nothing to be stressed over however, because we have the power to make choices around this. If a situation or person isn't contributing to your life in some way then maybe it's time to look at it and make some alterations or adjustments. Ultimately life is supposed to be fun and enjoyed, never to be taken to harshly so play with it and see what it can bring you.

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