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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


simply put, happiness is always your choice. no one can make you happy or unhappy. you choose this. you have the power to choose it or turn it away. on the flip side, we are not so powerful ourselves to grant others happiness or take it away from them. at the end of the day, we don't owe any explanations to others, we do not need to sign any contracts, we don't need to appease anyone, we don't need to get a seal of approval or be accepted for a loan. we already are accepted and are granted for all the loans we truly need. set yourself free from the cage and cut these cords. they only tie us down in these prisons that we create within ourselves. there is no need for any prisons. walls divide us and cover our eyes to what is out there. there is so much out there, beyond our conceivable comprehension. there is no need to feel afraid of this for it is the vehicle to which you can glide safely and efficiently through this journey. we don't need to understand it or buy any manuals on how to obtain the inner workings of it. all we have to really do is make a conscious decision to trust it. unite with it and lean into it. it will carry you and send you to the shore when you feel as thought the waves are crushing you. we are the only ones who ever crush us. we all want love, so go inside, the answers are there and are for you. stop running and start embracing. if you feel a struggle turn around and merge with the infinite flow. your heart knows the way-


  1. "We are the only ones who ever crush us"

    You nailed it! But if you tell this to someone in the grips of total dysfunction (anxiety, depression, addiction) the mental resistance is too strong. My ego had to be beaten into compliance with intense suffering until I realized that the ultimate self help manual was right inside of me just waiting for me to come "read" it...and use it. Thank you for giving it away so freely.

  2. you are absolutely right...sometimes everything has got to fall apart and it can be a very beautiful thing indeed! you are welcome and thank you-