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Friday, November 5, 2010

Why Do 'Bad' Things Happen to 'Good' People???

Many people ask this question throughout life and many more...'why is life so hard?' 'what did I do to deserve this?' 'Nothing is fair'....and the list goes on

I am the first to admit that life definitely has an interesting way of moving along...valleys, peaks, gutters, creeks, slopes, hills, puddles, rivers, oceans, and waterfalls....

Recently a friend pondered the question, 'why is it that some people that take such good care of themselves develop things such as cancer? why would they attract that if they were really making an effort in taking care of their health?'

Well, I have been thinking about this very thing myself for a while...what I have realized through studying attraction and simply through my own experience of living is that it is still not so much what happens to us but how we utilize the experience, there is always a seed of opportunity in each event, circumstance, encounter, meeting, greeting, hi, hello, good bye...etc.

Another important aspect of all of this is what are we giving our attention to? In the case of health issues, are we focusing on the feeling of optimum health and vibrance or are we focusing on cancer, getting sick, poor health, not having energy, being overweight...?

Many people focus on the lack of or what it is that they do not want, which in turn creates a blog or stagnation of what they do in fact want.

Here are some examples pertaining to health-

- It seems as if people are always looking to 'lose those last few stubborn pounds' or 'get into those size 6 jeans again'...why can't they simply just lose the weight and be done with it?! Well, our thoughts play a huge role here, take for instance women who are constantly playing the tape in their head of 'whatever i eat goes straight to my thighs', and some even say this out loud....well, they say this over and over for years on end and guess what, they are overweight and 'whatever they eat goes straight to their thighs' and yes, their thighs are quite large....they are focused on the weight piling on instead of focusing on how it feels to be light, flexible and full of energy. Many women will argue with me and say that they cannot focus on something that simply isn't true...well this is where 'faking it til you make it' really comes in. We can tell ourselves that we are fat and ugly day after day or we can choose to tell ourselves that we are beautiful and radiant and full of love...

Ultimately we have a choice to think what we want and to give our attention to what we want...I can focus on all the negative aspects in life or I can choose to focus on the positive, by focusing on the positive, more positive is created and doors open, when choose to focus on the negative, well, more negative will ensue and you will become more and more trapped...

Another example would be someone who really strives to keep their health in order by eating healthy, exercising, taking their vitamins, getting enough rest, going to church, etc, etc....In addition to all these efforts to keep in good health is a mind full of fear, fear of disease. This person is always taking this pill to prevent cancer, and eating this food to control blood pressure, working out for this long to lower cholesterol, drinking this to ward off that killer syndrome, sanitizing this and vaccinating that, controlling this and controlling that....this person ends up developing lung cancer, but has never smoked and does all of this to prevent cancer occuring in the beginning. How ever did this happen? How was this attracted? Well, simply put the focus here is not on achieving wellness but rather the focus is on illness and disease. This person was basically living in a 'what if' state and a state of fear rather than leaning into a state of health and wellness. When you're living in a true state of health and optimum wellness, you're generally not so paranoid...

Health is FREEDOM, health is feeling good on all levels and feeling FREE...when we are constantly monitoring this and controlling that it is really difficult to be can see here how the mind, body and spirit really are intertwined...I can eat broccoli everyday and drink acai juice til I'm blue in the face but if I am thinking negative thoughts and feeling like I am always under a dark cloud, well eating all those great foods really doesn't do any good you see...letting go, easing up, going with the flow, trusting our bodies wisdom, listening to it, having fun, playing without abandonment and loving ourselves unconditionally...this is freedom, and freedom in turn is health, wellness, living in the light...

The word DISEASE says a lot, let's dissect: DIS EASE....NOT AT EASE!

SO ultimately we simply have an opportunity to re-train our selves to focus on the abundance of living rather than the lack of joy, love, health, is a practice, little by little, step by step, and before you know it you'll be speaking a new language and living a new is actually very with life and it will play back!


  1. Seems like I just attracted your blog into my life, ha! Great stuff! I just got back into vegetarianism after a year long binge on cheeseburgers and fast food crap.

    For the last two weeks I've been chowing down on massive salads with sesame dressing, soy proteins and walnuts...lots of green monster smoothies and the like.

    There is certainly an incredible power in the attraction theories. I use to think they were hippie bullshit until I felt the "energy" in my life and now I'm down to be a hippie if it feels this good!

    I look forward to following your blog.

  2. thank you so much for the compliment.

    yes, sometimes we have to get in the gutter to reach out for something else, something greater than us!

    good for you, and welcome back! from one hippie to another:)

  3. LOVE this! And it's so true - fake it till' you make it. I was sad and depressed for a long long time and nothing seemed to go right, until I changed my attitude. People think I'm too cheery now, too happy and too positive. Is there such a thing? I think not! :)

  4. awesome! yeah, ive realized we ALWAYS have a simple choice even in the midst of chaos, circumstances, events, etc. there is always a choice on how we want to feel or perceive the experience. i feel that you should never turn your light down despite others' dimm-i-ness:)