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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Strangers in the NIght

"When you are passionate about at least one thing in life, it will carry you through even over all the little bumps."

This was a recent statement that was given to me by a cashier at the grocery store. I did not know this man and there is a chance I may never see him again. However, he left an imprint on my heart. Do you ever stop and take note of all the wonderful people that are placed in your life that essentially give you 'presents'? I've come to see that these so-called 'presents' really have the propensity to merge you into the present. Look back at your life and acknowledge all the people who contributed to your experience in some way. I am always amazed by what I recall. The body has an incredible memory bank. You may not recall it right away and sometimes you remember things years later but it all is revealed when you are most ready to absorb it further.

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