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Sunday, December 5, 2010

what is it that you are looking for?

Have you ever stopped to ponder that maybe just maybe all the answers lie within you? Have you ever asked a question or thought about something and soon enough more is revealed and you say, 'oh, what a coincidence!' Do you believe in coincidences or do you think that maybe everything is strategically placed in our path on purpose? Has another person ever asked you a question or wanted your advice and you just can see the answer in their question? Often times we can't see that when we are in it, when we are the ones asking the question. I see this a lot when people talk to me in regards to relationships. The answer always lies in the question. I feel as though it is your intuition or that deep, still small voice within that is literally speaking through you, however are we trusting it and leading with it, or are our heads driving the bus? Im also in a place where I am simply not after 'getting all the answers' and finding out ALL the secrets of the universe, I feel that they are secrets for a reason. This keeps the fire burning, it keeps me excited about this thing we call life. If I had a key for every lock and knew what lied within each room well, it would kind of get a little stale wouldn't it? So, I suppose the spice is in the mystery, the unknown, but there is a wisdom contained within each of us that is ultimately guiding us and connecting us to everything and everyone around us. Kind of like an adhesive that not only sticks but is also agile and very flexible...So what exactly are you looking for? What if you find what you are looking for? Will you stop seeking all together? Then what?

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