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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ancient ArtiZen

Ancient ArtiZen - The Artwork of Christopher Beikmann

About Artist Christopher Beikmann: A Denver, Colorado based digital collage artist and photographer, Beikmann’s works are often focused on spirituality including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christian and Nature based belief systems. His works have been collected and featured ...internationally by various spiritual organizations including: The National Buddhist Library of Singapore, The Interfaith Foundation and Alternatives St. James Church in the UK and the International School for Esoteric Studies. His works have also been licensed by Sony Pictures Television and for use on merchandise in the US. Artist Statement: “The creation of artwork brings me a sense of peace, mystery and joy. I consider myself a very spiritual person, but not bound to any one specific belief system. It is with my art that I try to share my own exploration of world religion, mythology, and metaphysics. I hope that my artwork inspires others to travel, learn, and discover the many cultures, people and spiritual belief systems in this beautiful world in which we live. You may discover we’re all more alike than different in every way.”

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