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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Burial - Gutted

The Rebel

The rebel simply moves out of the past and never allows the past to dominate him. It is a constant, continuous process. The whole life of the rebel is a fire that burns. To the very last breath he is fresh, he is young. He will not respond to any situation according to his past experience; he will respond to every situation according to his present consciousness. -OSHO

Monday, March 28, 2011


To me at this moment, life is just a letting go that just keeps on letting can go with it or against it. The more you continue letting go, the more you reveal you, your true being, your core, your essence. The beauty of YOU emerges naturally and effortlessly.

The really amazing aspect of this whole letting go phenomenon is that you never lose anything by letting go, you really just open yourself up to what is real. What is real can never be scathed, touched, destroyed, taken, or disrupted. The real is what ceases to exist and flourish in the midst of the 'things' that occur in this thing we can life. It is always in us and available to us, all we have to do is go to it. No it's not always comfortable and it can sometimes be painful. Running from this rawness doesn't seem to enhance my experience, so sometimes it's just sitting in what is and allowing it to be, all the while moving through it, not from it or around it.

The pure essence of who you are and what circulates this universe is all the same. It is the infinite currency of what ties us all together. It is the foundation of all creation and the very force that gives us life, passion, creativity, and the zest we all embody. When we all pass on, it will remain, fragments of ourselves will be like molecules in the ocean, all moving, circulating, and catalyzing with one another to form bonds, spark electricity, and penetrate into the glory of this amazing galaxy we call home.

Life simply is.

Flying Lotus - Camel (nosaj thing remix)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Push Play

Let's push play and see what happens...instead of Rewind or Fast forward, lets just live right here. This moment right here is all that is truly real.

Why do we worry about getting into those jeans from 1992 or feeling 'back to normal' or getting back to the way it used to be or making the money I used to make, eating what I used to eat, exercising like I used to, being as smart as I used to, being as talented I used to, being as happy as I used to be...

Or we can just be the best version of ourselves at this moment right now...

Ultimately, we have a choice here. What used to be is what used to focus on what was is to not engage in what is, which is all there really is.

Life is moving, with or without you...jump on board, take a seat, enjoy the's fun and there are some bumps and turns mixed in with some smooth sailing into the sunset.

In a moment of stress or whatever feels like disaster, we can pause, breathe and choose to re-focus our selves on where we are right now. That is all that truly matters. When we live life, we dont try to live the whole thing all at once or put on all of our clothes at once or eat the whole cake in one let's just chill, breathe, and savor each moment for they are all special.

Thousand-Hand Guan Yin

Saturday, March 26, 2011

In the End...

All exits lead to emerging beginnings...

Monday, March 14, 2011


Imagine the World wrapped in a plush warm blanket...see the thread of unity sewn through every layer...visualize peace and compassion circulating in the depths of the oceans...feel the love radiating from the sunlight...see the miracles walking on the land...embrace the oneness that resonates within us all, connecting us all...

Open our heart to all those that you pass along your journey. See your heart merging with other beings. Feel the bridge of light that forms between you and the sun...allow that warmth to cascade onto others and fill their heart.

Things often fall apart, drift away or crumble...this can be an opportunity for uncharted limitless growth, connection, ascension, and emergence. Continue to nourish and care for the roots as the new buds take new life and bloom...

We are all one in this together united at the heart.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's the Diagnosis?

There are many 'diagnosis' floating around in today's world. Attention Deficit Disorder, Hypothyroid, Manic Depression, Benign Hyperplasia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Endometriosis, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis....

While I am not necessarily discounting these syndromes, I am looking at the larger picture. Often it seems many begin to identify themselves with the disorder they have been diagnosed with, such as I am depressed, my osteoarthritis, I am diabetic, I am anemic.

I feel that this way of thinking removes us away from being. It pushes us out of our true self into labels and dis-eases. So we then feel un-ease. We are then attached to something outside of ourselves, and in time find ourselves detached from the world around us.

Life is happening right here, right now. Many are waiting around for the diagnosis before they begin to be present and live right now. Even if we get a diagnosis, what does this exactly mean, does that give us the green light to move forward, to keep on living, to be present...

What if we never get that diagnosis, what if the doctors can't find what is wrong with us? DOes this mean we are doomed, that we are hopeless, that there is no way out? Does this mean we cannot choose to be alive and embrace this moment right here, right now?

In a word, NO. I dont say no to much but there is never any reason for you to wait around in order to live, to feel alive, to embrace the beauty of life. Even if you were to get a diagnosis of cancer for example, is that an indication that you should throw in the towel and give up? We all have this choice.

We can choose consciously to be captive to labels, to diagnosis', to syndromes...or we can be empowered, we can be free, we can live, and choose to live and be present right here.


What are you emphasizing in your life?

Are you focusing on what is working in your life or focusing on what is not working?

Do you highlight the things that give you life or do you highlight the lack of in your experience?

Are you so consumed by what others are or aren't doing that you lose the enthusiasm you have for life?

When we get really engaged by the lack or disparity we can easily fall underway of the current of fear and negativity. This can occur even if our so called motives seem pure.

By engaging our attention and focusing on what is feeding our spirit it naturally activates the whole cycle, we embrace what is real in our experience, it gives us a spark, this spark ignites the passion inside us, this passion evolves into creativity which is exuded from us, love and light expand from our heart, we touch others, we connect with the world around us, change and evolution takes flight...

By tapping into your true essence, and being you at the core, you will in turn create a ripple effect that will melt into the lives of others, this really does not even require much use of words, it can become a way of being, a meditation, an inner galaxy of undivided love and purposeful living. Others will respond more to your presence rather than what you say. They will feel it. Seeds will be planted, we may never see the blooms that endure but we will know in our heart that we contributed to the greater orchestration going on...and honestly not knowing is all part of embracing the beautiful tapestry of allowance. The results are not what is vital here, it is more about being in the flow of the infinite. Those results are timeless and limitless.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Living From the Heart

When we live from the Heart, there are no obligations, no to-do lists, no chores. These ways of thinking seem to effortlessly fade away as we step into a more genuine way of being. When you live from your heart each and every thing you do becomes a pleasure, it nourishes your soul. When your soul is being nourished, there is no room for resentment, anger, hatred, or negativity. Even seemingly mundane tasks can become something you do from your heart such as writing a check. Larger 'obstacles' that may require more energy and time can also be gratified through your heart. This tends to shift the focus away from the monstrous goal that needs to be accomplished or finished into an adventure that is propelling you on a journey into new surroundings, higher planes, and deeper into yourself. By going deeper into yourself we grow deeper into the world around us. We contain the seed of the whole in us and the whole universe contains the seed of us in it. By living from the heart we stay in this constant influx of emerging creativity and life force. When we emerge from the heart we follow what our higher self has in store for us, we emerge through fear and ascend above the influence, we heighten our consciousness and awareness, we experience life in a pristine nature that simple cannot be touched by what is not real. Be true to you and allow your essence to cascade through the waves of the universe.

Sachiko Kodama, Yasushi Miyajima "Morpho Towers -- Two Stand

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We are One

When the boundaries between ourselves
and the outer world melt,

our hearts experience True Love,

our minds experience Peace

and our eyes experience Divine Beauty!


We Are One ~*♥♪♫*¨*•.¸¸ ॐ¸

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sunlounger - Son of a Beach (Ben Parker Remix)

The Eyes of Love

‎'the eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. the eyes of love instead see all of us as one.' bill hicks