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Thursday, March 10, 2011


What are you emphasizing in your life?

Are you focusing on what is working in your life or focusing on what is not working?

Do you highlight the things that give you life or do you highlight the lack of in your experience?

Are you so consumed by what others are or aren't doing that you lose the enthusiasm you have for life?

When we get really engaged by the lack or disparity we can easily fall underway of the current of fear and negativity. This can occur even if our so called motives seem pure.

By engaging our attention and focusing on what is feeding our spirit it naturally activates the whole cycle, we embrace what is real in our experience, it gives us a spark, this spark ignites the passion inside us, this passion evolves into creativity which is exuded from us, love and light expand from our heart, we touch others, we connect with the world around us, change and evolution takes flight...

By tapping into your true essence, and being you at the core, you will in turn create a ripple effect that will melt into the lives of others, this really does not even require much use of words, it can become a way of being, a meditation, an inner galaxy of undivided love and purposeful living. Others will respond more to your presence rather than what you say. They will feel it. Seeds will be planted, we may never see the blooms that endure but we will know in our heart that we contributed to the greater orchestration going on...and honestly not knowing is all part of embracing the beautiful tapestry of allowance. The results are not what is vital here, it is more about being in the flow of the infinite. Those results are timeless and limitless.