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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Living From the Heart

When we live from the Heart, there are no obligations, no to-do lists, no chores. These ways of thinking seem to effortlessly fade away as we step into a more genuine way of being. When you live from your heart each and every thing you do becomes a pleasure, it nourishes your soul. When your soul is being nourished, there is no room for resentment, anger, hatred, or negativity. Even seemingly mundane tasks can become something you do from your heart such as writing a check. Larger 'obstacles' that may require more energy and time can also be gratified through your heart. This tends to shift the focus away from the monstrous goal that needs to be accomplished or finished into an adventure that is propelling you on a journey into new surroundings, higher planes, and deeper into yourself. By going deeper into yourself we grow deeper into the world around us. We contain the seed of the whole in us and the whole universe contains the seed of us in it. By living from the heart we stay in this constant influx of emerging creativity and life force. When we emerge from the heart we follow what our higher self has in store for us, we emerge through fear and ascend above the influence, we heighten our consciousness and awareness, we experience life in a pristine nature that simple cannot be touched by what is not real. Be true to you and allow your essence to cascade through the waves of the universe.

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  1. Agreed. Make life fun!!! People are supposed to be happy and full of love!!! Your light shines bright sister. Love you lots!!! xoxoxo Jenna