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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Push Play

Let's push play and see what happens...instead of Rewind or Fast forward, lets just live right here. This moment right here is all that is truly real.

Why do we worry about getting into those jeans from 1992 or feeling 'back to normal' or getting back to the way it used to be or making the money I used to make, eating what I used to eat, exercising like I used to, being as smart as I used to, being as talented I used to, being as happy as I used to be...

Or we can just be the best version of ourselves at this moment right now...

Ultimately, we have a choice here. What used to be is what used to focus on what was is to not engage in what is, which is all there really is.

Life is moving, with or without you...jump on board, take a seat, enjoy the's fun and there are some bumps and turns mixed in with some smooth sailing into the sunset.

In a moment of stress or whatever feels like disaster, we can pause, breathe and choose to re-focus our selves on where we are right now. That is all that truly matters. When we live life, we dont try to live the whole thing all at once or put on all of our clothes at once or eat the whole cake in one let's just chill, breathe, and savor each moment for they are all special.