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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


How many times do we feel compelled to jump on a bandwagon of sorts only to find out later that it really is not what our heart longs for? Hmmm, well I can say for myself that I have jumped on many planes, trains, and automobiles over the course of my life and some I stay on, some I resent, some I realize I am not fulfilled yet I stay anyways, and then sometimes I will recognize my voice within telling me 'this is not serving YOU' and I take a leap of faith and jump off only to find REALLY what MY heart longs is through my experience that we sometimes have to have these times of 'trial and growth' to identify over and over what makes us alive. What makes someone else vibrant may not make another is OUR PERSONAL JOURNEY...we all have many teachers and providers along the way that help to show us the path to our heart, but it is us individually that has to recognize our INTUITION and lean into it and TRUST it. I do feel that my intuition is the voice of truth for me and that my body is wise and speaks honestly to me. I will admit, sometimes I still question its integrity, however, through experiences I continue to literally feel my body speak to me, saying "Go this way" or "Yes, this is serving you"...when I stray from my intuition and go by EGO, well it doesnt take long before i am simply not able to be myself and contribute to this beautiful life. When I am running on self will I will make choices based on what others 'expect' of me, or even what I believe they expect of me...I will forget to breathe and check in with myself, I will become obsessed with minute details, I will become unhappy. This is a process of being a human being and is is alright because thankfully we gain SELF AWARENESS which can allow us to feel the discord and gain clarity on if this situation or way of living is servinng our highest potential or not. WHen I feel the discord, it's usually safe to say I am not conducting my self in a way that is beneficial to my spirit. Thank Heavens for this! The discord to me represents me identifying myself with something that simply is not true to me or of me. Some may say ILLUSION...when I feel anxiety I am attaching myself to something that is not real. It is so simple, yet when you are in in, it feels somewhat like you've lost your path...really we never lose our connection to Source I feel, we just simply forget we are already there. Today I am thankful for these life experiences that challenge me and enlighten me, that allow me to see and feel what i really want. To allow yourself to be happy I continue to learn is truly the marker of peace and serenity. So now I feel as though I am yet again embarking on new terrain and how miraculous it feels, to allow yourself to experience life in a fresh space with fresh eyes and an open heart...

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