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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Being a sponge without being a sponge...

Aren't children amazing how they are so open, vulnerable, pure and soak up everything as if it's new, without any perceived judgement or fear... So emerging and evolving as grown ups how do we then remain teachable, loving, open, vulnerable and fearless without absorbing everything that comes our way. How do we be in relationships and not absorb the other peoples '"stuff", how do we show up at our job and not fall victim to what is going on, how do we shop for groceries and walk out of the store unscathed by the energy of others? Maybe a simple answer would be to avoid all of these situations all together or just shut off communication...hmmm, not the best way to be alive in my experience. I continually affirm within myself that I am fully protected at all times and that I am not here to absorb negativity. I am learning how to love people and embrace the moment and not get attached and feel as though I have taken on anothers' issues. I love people and I love to help people and it really is the cusp of my life, I cant imagine life without it. So with this desire to be of service it is my responsibility to take care of myself and bear witness to those that I am here to offer help yet not carry the burden. It is quite an art really and an integration and balancing process. Another thing I will practice is visualization techniques such as imagining myself wrapped in agold or violet bubble. I am not in a bubble cut off from the world rather I am able to be in any situation and be present yet walk away feeling fully charged and refreshed. I have had times where I felt as though all my energy is sucked right out of me. This is my responsibility to take care of this and maintain my energetic equilibrium. Another important part of this is gaining the clarity on what is mine and what is not. Sometimes we are in intimate settings with people of various relationships and in that closeness we mesh and all of a sudden we have taken on things that simply are not ours. Often times we feel confused on what is going on, who have I turned into, why do I feel this way, I dont feel like myself... Well, I continue to learn that in our personal meditation that we can identify with what is really true for us. In this awareness we can see our part and what is really ours and give away the rest. We can release the guilt or shame attached with it and allow it to be a learning and growing opportunity. In this letting go we have a chance to grow a deeper, more fulfilled individual and have a powerful sense of who we are and what really it is we are made of. More is always revealed as we gently let go of what is not ours...

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