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Sunday, December 16, 2012

5 Element Officials

Officials The Heart (Heart Yin) function involves the integrated function of the Yin organs, specifically the Heart, Liver, and Kidneys, which rule the Taoist treasures of the Shen, Qi, and Jing.11 The Heart stores the Shen, the Liver regulates the flow of Qi, and the Kidneys store the Jing-Essence. In contrast, the mind is mediated by the Yang organs of the Small Intestine (which sorts), the Gallbladder (which decides), and the Bladder (which acts). Meanwhile, the integrity of the Heart (Heart Yin) is preserved through the Pericardium and Triple Energizer energies, which form layers of defense against insults directed at the Heart (Heart Yin). The Pericardium is responsible for regulating the flow of energy to and from the Heart center, especially with regard to intimate and interpersonal relationships. Meanwhile, the Triple Energizer takes care of homeostasis, social interactions, and intercompartmental integration.

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